For more than four decades Trevor Stewart Burton & Jacobsen has been helping institutional and individual clients achieve their financial objectives by establishing long term relationships that have, in many cases, spanned generations. Since our founding in 1974 we have consistently followed a disciplined “top down” investment approach. We focus on economic fundamentals, timely allocations among different asset classes and investments in different business sectors. This has proven itself, over time, as the best way to preserve capital and enhance its appreciation.

Financial markets are cyclical. At best, they are difficult to assess over the long term and impossible to predict in the short term. That is why we utilize a disciplined, experienced team of investment professionals to create and implement the financial strategies we devise for our clients. Thus, we avoid the latest fads and concentrate on maintaining dependable, long term asset protection and growth.

Our results have exceeded market averages over the years but, more important, they have exceeded our client’s goals, helping to ensure their future.